Pre-season Sports Medic Course for Physiotherapists

Next course: 2014

Location: At Redwood Physiotherapy Clinic, Christchurch

This course is designed for final year physiotherapy students and new graduates who are supervising sports teams. The course consists of three 2 hour sessions covering differential diagnosis of the most common injuries and most frequently used strapping techniques. Presented by Barry Donaldson former All Black Physiotherapist.

Session One

Differential diagnosis and presentation of lower limb injuries.

Strapping techniques

• Ankle

• Arch support (low dye)

 Session Two

Differential diagnosis and presentation of upper limb injuries.

Strapping techniques

• Practise the ankle and arch support strapping techniques previously taught

• Variations of thumb straps

• AC joint strap

 Session Three

Head (concussion) and cervical sprain injury.

Strapping techniques

• Practise all techniques previously taught and additional straps for:

• Knee

• Elbow

• Wrist

Cost: TBC

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