Exercise Prescription for the Injured Person

An evidence-based clinically orientated course that combines the sciences of exercise physiology, strength training, anatomy and pathology to help you to achieve optimal outcomes for those patients who require exercise rehabilitation programmes as part of their recovery.

  • Take away practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to your next patient
  • Understand how to manipulate training variables to maximise exercise rehabilitation programmes.
  • Learn how to adapt exercise for the injured person.
  • Practice how to use gym based equipment for the injured person.
  • Design an appropriate periodised programme.
  • Enhance confidence and speak on equal terms with personal trainers.
  • College Accredited Course
  • Course Handout provided

Tutor: Dr Barry Donaldson has a long history of working with elite trainers at an international level and has just completed his PhD on the post-surgical management of lumbar discectomy that compared usual conservative orthopaedic management with a gym based exercise rehabilitation programme.

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