New Graduate Clinical Physiotherapy Education Programme

This clinical education programme is aimed at newly qualified physiotherapists and physiotherapists new to working in private practice. The purpose is to teach  essential assessment skills and equip clinicians with a wealth of  tried and tested treatment techniques that can immediately be used in the clinic.

There will be a strong emphasis on the clinical reasoning process and plenty of demonstration and opportunity to practice a wide variety of techniques including mobilisations, MWMs, myofascial release and taping techniques. Note that Grade V manipulations will NOT be covered in this programme.

The course consists of 9 two hour clinical education sessions, providing a total of 18 hours clinical education. Course facilitators are all physiotherapists with 20+ years post graduate experience who work at Redwood Physiotherapy Clinic.

The 9 Sessions are:

  1. Ankle assessment and treatment
  2. Knee assessment and treatment
  3. Shoulder assessment and treatment
  4. Elbow / Wrist assessment and treatment
  5. Lumbar Spine assessment and treatment
  6. Pelvic muscle Imbalance
  7. Lower limb muscle imbalance
  8. Cervical and Thoracic Spine assessment and treatment
  9. Achilles tendonitis / Neural dynamics and final Q&A session

A minimum of 5, and a maximum of 8 people are required for sessions to run.

The cost for all 9 sessions is $450 + GST (Total cost- $517.50)

Please note that full payment is required prior to commencement of course.


Please contact us to reserve your place on our next course.

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